Open Floor im Tanzraum

19. Juni 2019 um 19:45 – 21:30

Open Floor*

Open Floor is a conscious movement practice. It is a lively, sweaty, in-depth exploration of our human experience through movement & dance.
On an Open Flooor we dance and aim at moving, expressing and including all aspects of our experience: our bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, our soul, other people, wild passions, limitations and whatever might be present for you – all is welcome.

what: Open Floor with Andreas (classes are taught in german and english) and Géraldine (english)
when: 19:45 – 21:30, door opening 19:30
further dates: 9.1. (G), 30.1. (A), 27.2. (A), 6.3. (G), 27.3. (A), 3.4. (G), 24.4. (G), 1.5. (A), 8.5. (G), 29.5. (A), 26.6. (A)
where: TanzRaum at Warteck PP, 2nd floor above Velowerkstatt, Burgweg 15, Basel
costs: CHF 25.-

*Open Floor is a part of Movement Wednesday at the Tanzraum – for more information please see course: Movement Wednesday




More information Open Floor:


This video gives an impression of what might expect you on an Open Floor.


You dance for the first time?

Don’t worry, there is nothing you can do wrong. Anyway here you can find some advices that might support you entering your dance:


…when you use the dance to be fully embodied – physically, emotionally, mindfully, spiritually – it simply means being home for the beautiful ride of being alive.

Further information


About Géraldine

Passionate by the power of movement, our energy of life and human reliance.
Géraldines classes are taught in English.


About Andreas

Passionate about rock climbing, mountaineering and dancing.
Andreas’ classes are taught in german and english.